My long awaited Smart arrived in San Antonio on March 21. My wife and I made a quick one day trip to S.A. on Wednesday, March 25. The drive down only took 4-1/2 hours. You can make pretty good time when you can drive 80 MPH on I-10!

The salesman was waiting on us when we arrived and gave us both a short driving lesson to learn how to operate the manual automatic transmission. The purchase went pretty smooth since I had told the salesman ahead of time I didn't want the "anti-theft window etching" they had included in the TT&L total for only $97.50. I don't know why dealerships try to stick you with stuff like this. Turns out they did the glass etching anyway so I guess that was a freebie. I tried to get some free floor mats thrown in but couldn't talk them into that.

Next stop was the finance man. He did a really poor job trying to sell us an extended warranty. Maybe that's why he's the finance man and not a car salesman!

After giving the finance man our check we were ready to head back to Midland. We made a stop at the parts department to pick up some floor mats on the way out since I couldn't get them for free. Gotta have floor mats!

The little car is a blast to drive! On the way home I got it up to 80 MPH a couple of times but mostly drove between 65 and 70. It seems to be pretty wind sensitive. We drove into some heavy rain, wind, and hail near Junction. Fortunately the hail was small and the storm was short. It was clear sailing on home from there. We stopped in Ozona for gas since I was down to 1/2 tank at that point. It took 4.8 gallons to fill up which worked out to about 41 MPG. Hopefully I'll continue to see mileage in that range!

Next trick is to figure out how to mount an antenna!

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