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Wed, 06.04.2011 05:08
Ok I've been playing with this more. Sirfdemo is totally coo l. It made turning on and off various modes trivial (t [...]
Mon, 15.02.2010 09:33
Hi all, as I promised there are some experiences with the installation > short first re sults... I have this [...]
Thu, 11.02.2010 14:52
Hello, thank You for import ant info! The cons for me is t hat I should check all of my c ables over here to avoid [...]
Thu, 11.02.2010 14:44
Hi Don, perfect. Thank You for Your additional info. It's good to know it. I just would like to let people know [...]
Wed, 10.02.2010 20:29
The full size half sloper will indeed provide better perform ance than one that uses some i nductive loading. Never [...]
Wed, 10.02.2010 12:11
Hi all, please be noted that Don, WD8DSB is talking about t he base loaded half sloper whi ch means to have install [...]
Sat, 14.11.2009 20:28
Hi Don, Thanks for the reco mmendation! I'll give that a try but I'll probably just go about 22'. That's the t [...]
Sat, 14.11.2009 19:20
Hello Alan, Sure sounds lik e your 160 meter antenna is do ing just great, and wonder if you still have it in ser [...]
Sat, 14.11.2009 13:55
I just picked up a couple of t hese off ebay also, what a gre at CHEAP little gps. I was ti nkering with it, and thr [...]
Thu, 16.07.2009 11:05
I just finished testing all 23 of mine. 22 of them passed, o ne gives me nothing on the out put. Maybe DOA maybe a b [...]
Sun, 05.07.2009 15:37
Yeah, SiRFDemo lets you get in to the GPS and set some parame ters you couldn't otherwise. I tried to figure out if [...]
Sun, 05.07.2009 13:31
Ok I've been playing with this more. Sirfdemo is totally co ol. It made turning on and off various modes trivial ( [...]
Sat, 04.07.2009 14:15
I have 23 of them sitting here . :-) My first 3 were like $5. 00 each with antenna, I made a best-offer at 2.75 a un [...]
N5NA about 160m Antenna
Mon, 26.01.2009 11:17
Thanks for checking it out on EZNEC. I suspected that was t he case. It's certainly not t he ideal 160m antenna bu [...]
KB3X about 160m Antenna
Sun, 25.01.2009 19:30
I modeled this antenna in EZNE C and found that it has the sa me radiation pattern as any ot her low horizontal anten [...]

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