Ten-Tec Orion 565AT For Sale

S/N 10C12902
Contact n5na@arrl.net
I am the original owner of this rig, purchased new by me in May, 2003.  It has the optional built-in antenna tuner along with the Model 218 1.8kHz crystal filter and Inrad Model 762 600 Hz filter.  Also included is the manual, power cable, accessory cable, and accessory bag with a power plug & pins, band data plug & pins, mic connector, phono plug, stereo phone plug, hex wrenches, & T10 Torx wrench.

The Inrad filter is installed in the 1000 Hz slot, which replaced the standard Ten-Tec 1000 Hz filter.  I will also send the Ten-Tec 1000 Hz filter.  Details of the advantage of this setup are here.

Also included is a Ten-Tec Model 705 desk mic.

The rig is in excellent physical and electrical condition as can be seen by the pictures.  To my knowledge everything is working 100% although occasionally when unplugging the headphones the sound does not return to the speaker.  Reinserting and removing the headphone plug normally cures this situation.  This is common for Orions.

The rig has had the V2 mod performed and currently has the latest production firmware installed, version 2.062a.  Any of the older firmware versions may be downloaded from the Ten-Tec Wiki.

More information about the Orion as well as a link to the original Ten-Tec Orion web page is on the Ten-Tec Wiki.

I'm asking $1900 shipped in the CONUS by FedEx Ground in the original box.  The microphone will be shipped in a separate box.  I accept PayPal or a USPS Money Order.

If you have any questions please email me at n5na@arrl.net.

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